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Lets talk about our pets

Chatting with @hoppiefrog, I think we agree there are alot of similarities between stoners and one such thing is cannabis and pets. Generally speaking all the stoners I have met are mad about cannabis, outdoors and pets. So how about we start sharing pictures of our pets and some stories.

My first picture is where my love for dogs really got started. This picture was taken in Pretoria, South Africa. I was gifted my first two dogs from the mate/grower I lived with for a month or two. These bunnies were fed like champs and they are eating leaves from genetics straight out amsterdam, sannies seeds. Had my first blaze of Herijuana in this house and loved every minute. We now have 5 dogs, 6 donkeys, 40 chickens, 100 pigs and 3 boer goats.


So while I was migrating south looking for a place to plant my roots and build an island I compiled another music video for my dogs, for me. Next one is coming soon to include the extended family. Loads of stories, tell me yours…


This is my guy, Cooper. He’s single handedly responsible for getting me up on time in the mornings - never late for a walk. Haha.


This is Luna queen of the buds

This is Mars king of the bed


My little girl penny named after my first punk album by pennywise the band… First punk album I ever bought in 1994… She’s always curious about my grow lol

Your adventures in life are amazing… I was born and raised in the same place in this world my whole life… Your a true FREE SPIRIT!!! Keep posting buddy!


I have 10 cats and 2 dogs.


Scrolling and smiling seeing all your purrrfect pets. Super Cooper there looks like a bag full of energy. I am lucky my old boy waits until I wake up and the later it gets the more he complains, but very sweet.

@scotty17 She loves you, you can see that. Free as a bird bud, even better i live next to an old punk rocker from the 70’s, who is a very interesting character and great friend now. We drink craft beer, talk shit and make plans. Below is one of latest songs/video, as you can see he loves his horses, ducks, dogs and goats. He compiles and covers his own music in a small studio at home, I think this is a cover, might be an original.


Pet abuse, putting my bully to better use than causing trouble. He is my head egg trimmer now. He only likes fan leaves.

Tai is the grumpy old dad above. Below is Mom and son chilling at the fire during another night of NO electricity.


Im trying to get a good pic of my black cat “zeus” its not that easy lol.


My two partners in crime chilling with me on the couch!
They use me as a cushion, snif, snif, I get no respect!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I do not have pets right know I do have 2 coon hunting dogs I l love they or the best copanions every day or night.


My little girl who will be “ten” this November. I wish I lived in an area where I was free to grow/possess as I cannot grow or possess even though I am trying to locate seeds locally for a small grow that will not be noticed. Or an indoor grow enough for me and my Wife. Seeds on the Market are so ridiculous, I don’t care about all that “Feminized” and “Auto” right now, just some seeds and I will sort them out when they grow. Like in the old days we used to get so many seeds in the bags and just throw them out…OMG I wish I had them ALL BACK NOW!


Welcome @rockerga glad to have u here and she looks like a little cutie. Pets are the perfect friend that never let u down :wink:


That video is amazing! Song is amazing! Very very talented artist! Thanks for sharing that! You just made my wife cry! Lol


The true rise against style! Let’s illuminate this world!!!


Ultimately mind body and soul and earth are one! :thinking:


Welcome to the forums and lets start a revolution for a free seed bank, share those seeds. I still use good bag seed that i find but also when you find a good breeder and regular seeds, they are worth complimenting them in cash. But bartering could also work.

She is beautiful and looks like the same street pedigree as my 13 plus year old street dog, Era.


Total oneness. Sorry to say it made smile to know your wife cried, but i agree with her. Glad you enjoyed and will send him your feedback.

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