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Let's try this growing thing! 🤓

Set to watching. Got me a whole new grow going also now. Even got me a zkit auto twin out the deal lol


I promised some root porn…just for shits I threw one BG in a paint can loner to watch roots… lol why not?!

Side note… pulled pork Sunday w my crunchy slaw. Use french onion soup seasoning and sunflower seeds. I’ll try and remember a pic …


You got twins Mark? Same seed or did you drop 2 stuck together maybe? Gonna let it ride and not seperate them it looks. Should be a cool watch :wink:. Good luck, it’s always an extra perk to have a side experiment to watch.


Same seed. Kinda shocked me also.


Yes stuck them in a 10 gal to see if we can get them both going


Put some kind of a cover over your clear pot when you aren’t looking at the roots or the light will kill them off


You are spot on Stevie. That plant is inside a paint can liner that is then inserted into the black pot. It’s common practice with seedlings mostly to put them inside a clear solo cup them inside a red solo cup. Its funny I myself in the earlier days was stupid and cocky with the " I don’t need to do that" attitude but it is educational & cool to see the roots working none the less. Even if you feel as though your beyond that stage and have 99% germinating record it’s still super cool to watch the roots and know or learn to judge them by coloring and plumpness. Just one more aspect to absorb in this magnificent hobby.
I picked up some Sour D # the dispensary @ 20% thc. Let’s get the taste test started.


Right here @happilyretired … not nearly as populated but you’ll see many familiar faces. The biggest thing for me is even though I hate politics and hardly ever wanna talk about it I’m not gonna get flagged for using the word “politics”. So fucking petty it just sent me off the edge.


i think i sent you a message. i hope i didnt make a post about eat a bag!


OK loco thanks for the tag I’ll be watching.


Oh snap…new weed box . com came. New bong & a pipe this month…grinder, tray, wraps galore and papers…etc…


I’m really liking these king palms… anyone familiar with them??


I have bought weed boxes for the whole family. And the King Palms are great. I like them a lot.


Is this like the bark box where you get a new box every month?


EXACTLY my wife gets the bark box too. Lmao :sweat_smile: ridiculous., My dog has so many goddamn toys and you can’t take one from her. No matter which one you pick up she’ll come take it, that’s the one she wants… LoL


This made me curious so I got a one time box from cannabox to see if it’s something I would like every month i had no idea that they made stoner centric subscription boxes (and there’s like 10+ different companies that do it too 2 of which are tailored towards girls) probably won’t get it until early December but im in no rush


so i had to go research gender specific weedbox. if you want the girly box you can get mugs socks and bathbombs lol :crazy_face: its time to start writing letters for senior citizen specific weedboxes. i dont know, maybe a grinder for arthritis . rolling papers after 60. how about a super sized jeweler loupe for trifocals? now that i can get onboard with :rofl:


Oh how I missed you!! LoL maybe a cafeteria tray for a rolling tray w the large square magnifying glass on a bendy pole. Or gentle press arthritis lighters… LoL


omg i have 2 cafeteria trays from who knows where! i lost a seed i think yesterday because i had to put the magnifying glass down lol. hubs is about to build me one with a bendy pole now! great idea!


Wow wake up first thing in the morning to humor. I am glad to see the gang is getting back together…
i’ve been looking for a jewelers loop that has a # 60 Lens that is really big instead of the #30
I don’t understand why someone hasn’t made one and put it on Amazon yet. They probably sell tens of thousands of them. It would be the perfect tool for quick trichome checks. Oh by the way I got my cocoa butter. I haven’t made chocolate yet but probably in the next few days. Anyways you guys have a great day…:+1:t3::v:t3: