Light cycle decrease to match outdoor question

So I have my four girls on 16 hours of light, indoors in my grow tent. I’m planning on moving them outdoors mid May, start of June. In the middle of there vegetative cycle. I can’t have them inside all the way to flower. around that time when I move outdoors the days will be at about 15 hours of light INCLUDING civil twilight. So I need to get my girls under 15 hours of light and then use to it befor that time comes. I’m on 16 hours right now and need some suggestions on how to go about this, there about 3 1/2 weeks old and growing fast! I know that the hour in light difference when I move them outdoors can cause re veg , and things of that nature. I’m trying to get them out and use to the sun as much as possible. But since they have been under 16 hours there whole life, how do I got about moving it down to 15? Without them flowering or something like that?? Thanks!!


To initiate flowering, you would need 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. Since you’re staying way below that, I don’t think it will be a problem for you. Temperature is more of a challenge. I would put them out a few hours at a time at first to get acclimated. They might slow down a bit while they get use to the new climate, but it should be ok if you don’t do it too fast and keep an eye on them! :nerd_face:


Yes sir, they are photoperiod plants and I think that the days start to decrease in early mid, July. So you think I should slowly decrease my light duration by 15 minutes a day? Or 10 min a day? To slowly work them down to 15 hours a day, or should I do smaller amounts of time like 3 minutes a day?


Agreed. I had the same issue last year. I made the change by decreasing the lights very slowly. It worked just fine. In your case you only have a small change to accomplish. The other option is to set up a night light outside for your girls to keep them happy until the season naturally catches up to your 16 hour timing. Obviously, this is going to advertise your crop to nosy neighbors.


I have 2 unknown plants growing good until a GA small black worm tried eating it up I trimmed away but would moving them inside be too big a shock? What to do now plants healthy now

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Do you have an indoor environment set up for a cannabis grow; lights primarily? Have you sprayed/soaked anything as a preventative for bugs and/or mold?

Thanks for your message. Yes I actually have a grow tent lights in question and a fan the tent is 5 feet high and about 25 inches wide can easily hold my two plants. What lights do I need how far from plants and where is the fan beneficial to sit. The room is in a hot tub area keeping it humid. I sprayed them with plant therapy that’s when I found the worm.