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Light cycle for indoor grow but then moving outside mid veg?

Hi everyone! My name is mason and I am a at home grower, I am stuck in a hard place NEED HELP! Online I found plenty of information but never could find the answer to the question I have. So I’m starting my plants indoors but am going to move them outdoors right around the middle of May- early June, in the veg stage, I’m planning on following the natural sunlight/ daylight cycle in the area I live in while they are indoors, but there’s only 12 1/2 hours of sunlight outdoors when I plan on starting them after germination under the lights! So the question is, what light cycle should I put my seedlings under when I start them? Is 12 1/2 hours (following natural sunlight duration) too short ? Or my other conclusion was to set them on 14 hours a day off the bat and then put them outside in mid May when the daylight hours are that long. Need help! Thanks!

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So what light cycle should I keep my seedlings on during seedling stage when the outside natural light shedual seems to short ? Or is it?

you should gas light them until you have enough outside light to maintain vegetation. turn your lights on for 11 hours then off for 6 hours then back on for 1 hour then off again for 6 hours. you will decrease your energy cost by at least 33 percent and your plants will do better.

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I didn’t the same move in late September last year. Our Spring in South Africa starts in September. My lights was on 16 hours on and 8 hours off (so I could sleep, grow box in my room). Outside the hours was around 13 hours. Remember now the hours are becoming longer still. When I put them outside. They vegged for about a week and then went into flower. 3 Purple Punch finished flowering in December and 3 other plants also started flowering and then in December started to reveg again and now into flower again from the Jan/Feb side. Our light cycle changed (Autumn) on the 2nd of February.