Light deprivation before harvest

For those with the ability to either turn off the lights or blackout a greenhouse - do you deprive light for an extended period before harvest? Is it just folk lore that if you shut off the lights for 2-3 days before harvesting the trichomes increase and swell etc? Has anyone tested this?


I think its a question of the natural response of the plant during its flowering cycle. In a natural setting, as the months move from fall to winter, the night periods increase in length. As the plant’s sole purpose in life is to ensure its next generation survives, it forces all of the plants energy (that was created during photosynthesis during the day) into its reproductive organs…ie…the flowers! So its safe to say that the more dark period it receives further into the flower cycle can indeed force the flower to receive more carbohydrates. One thought is to begin increasing your night period starting in Week 4-5 of the cycle. Its a practice I utilize and have not seen any negatives from it. It also helps to save energy! I do 1 hour longer night (1 hour less day length) per week starting in week 5. I only go up to 14 hours night period.