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Light issues

My meizhi 900 doesn’t seem to work right when I turn on the veg setting no light comes on but the fan comes on turn on the flower setting the flowering lights come on then turn off flower no lights but fan runs still then when I turn off the veg the fan goes off

I’ve never owned a blurple, but, can’t you get in touch with someone where you bought it?, or the manufacturer themselves?

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I second @piper… only difference i have blurple lights… but get in touch with where you got it

And welcome e

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I am looking for cheap blurples on craigslist for veg :wink:

I hate the plurple… I got from @packee and he has my @dbrn32 DIY build…lol… might need it back one day…lol…


Sounds like you really need to get then back.

@g.puffington is this a near light that showed up that way, or a light that had been working fine and now doesn’t?

It sounds like maybe a bad connection on veg switch, or maybe a bad switch. I’m pretty sure that fixture has multiple drivers on the veg switch, so it’s unlikely they all failed at once. I think there is a warranty seal on the light though. So if it’s new, contact seller about replacing under warranty. If you’ve had the fixture long enough warranty is expired, unplug the light and remove top cover. Check that wires to and from veg switch all have good connection.

@dbrn32… I had really bad luck with issues of the biological nature… he needed it more than I did… I will get it back and with us opening up now I will complete the new build too…lol…

What’s up @dbrn32 glad to see you bro… Seriously loving the hlg boards cob style has been killing it I’ve heard… But color spectrum is key I’ve been learning for full indoor

It was a light a friend gave me