Lighting suggestions please?

Any suggestions on how much watts I need for a room that is 15 by 12? Thanks


Figure 35 to 50w psf for a nice good grow. Best ways to explain it. Figure out ur sqaur footage x that by 35 to 50 and run from there. I got 4xúx9 room I run about 1400w in it total get awesome returns to get this with cheaper lights I was spending double in electricity and was at about half the the amount of watts I have now lol. If u wanna do this for a while I’d suggest led lights that don’t consists of having cooling fans hooked in the lights. Any lights that have meanwell drivers and Samsung diodes lm301h or lm301b diodes. Also lots of the newer diablo style lights runs inventronics drivers as they seem to be a little more sturdy to run the diablo series boards.


Good Day and welcome to GN

the wisdom is you need 40 watts a square foot

12 by 15 = 180 sq ft and 180 sq ft x 40 watts = 7200 watts

not long ago I would have said 2 rows of 3 1000 HID lights for 6000 watt plus overdrive

(actually I would go with 9 - 600 watt lamps better coverage )

and you are good

But today I have to say there are other options for sure

I yesterday I started taking down my HID lights that I have had hanging for years

I am taking down around 5200 watts and replacing it with about 1500 watts of LEDs

which for me is a win as it will take a 420 US $ light bill a month down to

120 US $ a month so the savings will pay for the lights quickly in my case

for you to give a real answer we do need a bit more info about how you are

going to grow

I am sure someone here can help :slight_smile:

all the best and be safe