Lights and lighting certification

Hi friends at GN:

I have a friend living in Charlotte, NC, and he is willing to get training and certification in lights and lightning for the cannabis industry. He is an electrical engineer with a strong background in residential lightning.

I really appreciate your input.


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Try to post it on the topic of employment/jobs.

Thanks! Will do!

Have you been able to find someone who can fill your job requirements yet still??

Not yet! I’m looking for a certification course or training in lighting. Thanks for taking the time!

Have you been looking online for some?

Yep, no luck to this day.

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I’ll find you one. Can you please give me a estimate on how much you want to pay for your degree?

I have no idea. I live in Ecuador and here costs are very very low. When you find something, let me know and then we’ll decide. Thanks for your help.

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I’m going to find you a good one now.