Local corruption becoming hurdle for marijuana license seekers in California

Stories of corruption will continue to emerge, sources say, largely because local licenses are a prerequisite to obtaining a state permit.

That puts local officials in a position of power over entrepreneurs who may be desperate to find a path into the industry.

“In the legal market, they’re going to continue to have corruption issues, because local folks are easier to bribe and corrupt than state bureaucrats,” said Matt Kumin, a longtime cannabis industry attorney based in San Francisco.

Oh dear. :frowning_face:

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I’m glad this is being made public. My wife’s Rotary club has a MJ lawyer as a member, she has many shady tales at all levels of government. None of it made the news…


You’re kidding me, corruption in local cities over MJ licensing?? I’m shocked…shocked i say! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


So you’re saying the reason I didn’t get that dispensary license was because I didn’t grease the right wheels? I knew it!