Looking for a cannabis career

Hello, I’m Chris.

Since the beginning of my work career I have aimed to transition from work necessary to survive to doing work where I thrive by getting as much reward out of the work I do as the effort and quality I put into it.

I have yet to find something permanent that tows that line of satisfaction in work as well as reward and I’m certain a career change into the cannabis industry will be that

My most recent positions held were that of web content manager, general contractor, and transportation. Each adding their own to my overall skill set. I’ve done framing, insulation, and drywall work. Ran electrical for outlets. Managed the collective efforts of teams of 8-10. General labor and heavy lifting. Computer repair/network management. As well as safely navigating and maintaining a clean driving record for transportation.

I’m looking to learn the ropes in as many aspects of the cannabis industry as I can. Currently residing in KY I’m 100% willing to relocate to any state with legal operations aside from CA and WA.

If your looking for an employee of my skillset that you can rely on to see the job done and are willing to dispense appropriate pay for the quality, passion, and effort I bring to my work; I would greatly appreciate the time to further discuss my qualifications and what I can bring to the table for your company’s operations.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sounds like you have some serious passion for the cannabis plant!

Let’s give Chris a hand here, GNET!


Hey Chris! Getting a start in the cannabis industry can seem impossible from the outside but what you are doing is EXACTLY what is needed. Keep putting yourself out there and teach yourself as much as you possibly can while searching for work. One thing I learned about growing is that no matter how much you read, there are always different way and methods to learn and apply in different settings. Let’s set up a time to chat, I would love to help you with your transition any way I can.


What a great plug and explanation of the intricacies of the business!

Thanks for being so accomodating and helpful, @TreesGalore!

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Hey there. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I would love to set up a time to chat about the steps needed to be met in order to be an effective agent is this changing industry. I have about an hour of time friday around 12pm edt if that works for you.

Alternatively we could exchange whatsapp numbers and develop an ongoing conversation there.

In either case thanks again for taking an interest.