Looking for a consultant to Design a small scale commercial aeroponic grow

Hello Guys,

I am looking for an experienced aeroponic/dwc grower who can give a 2nd opinion on the Design of the grow: room Design, plant Rotation, planned equipment, nutrients etc.

Right now we have These rooms planned:

3,5x5m mother/Clone room
4,5x4,5 veg

2 4,5x6,5 flower
1 4,5x4,5 flower

Each room with 2, 4 or 5ft wide tables.

These rooms exist twice.

All with Mini splits, dehumidifier and CO2 | sealed environment

We are in Thailand, so it makes Most Sense to source Equipment from China.

Main questions:

We have the Option to buy Buckets or tables. Which is better?

Should we Run recirculating or drain to waste?

If you you Someone or are experienced yourself please DM me.

Thank you


Post details and pictures of your grow.

Also, post the first opinion.

Thank you.


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