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Looking for a good set of lights?

Opinions or if u wanna sell your old ones


Best option with lights is to always buy new and below is the best place to start:

Hi…I have managed the Chinese POS LED’s. Never again. Its absolutely impossible the light will last the measure of time the guarantee says nor will it perform to the level promoted.

Here is my involvement in them. Had a purple ran it for a very long time for veg turned out incredible for that since all I was doing was vegging mothers and didn’t require a lot of development. Did the idiotic amazon gaze upward and discovered Bestva, absolute POS yet utilized Amazon so I got my cash back. Next was 2 of the ones that is a support on here. The two of them took a crap inside 2 1/fourteen days of one another and that was following a half year. Let’s analyze results, that appears to be a reasonable.