Looking for a street term of a strain/ Pepper Head

I’m in a converse with my brother-in-law about Pepper Head. Are there any strains or seed still around?


i do not believe you can go by street names . any dealer can and will make up names to try to move their product .


Like @treedawg says, its very difficult. However you can narrow down your search and look for the strains that have the “pepper” terpene profile, Caryophyllene.

No wonder that there is a variety of strains with distinctive aromas and flavors delivered by unique terpene profiles. The most common marijuana’s terpene or “essential oil” is Caryophyllene known as Beta-Caryophyllene that gives this particular peppery, pungent and spicy taste.

Caryophyllene occurs naturally in weed and in a variety of plants such as cinnamon, hops, and black pepper. This terpene offers a prominent savory, nutty, woody, and warm taste while consuming.

It is said that peppery cannabis is better of being used by patients suffering from different medical conditions. Pepper tasting strains are found helpful in fighting inflammations, alcohol craving, chronic pain, and mental disorders. In other words, Caryophyllene has analgesic, antibacterial and antiseptic effects.

Pepper smelling weed strains are the most popular object of medical cannabis studies. Some rodent-model studies showed that it treats psychological ailments such as anxiety, stress and depression, but the most exciting that Caryophyllene has an anti-cancer effect. According to the study published in Cancer Medicine journal in 2016, this terpene reduces cancer cells’ growth and destroys them. In 2018 in the British Journal of Pharmacology was published medical study of Beta-Caryophyllene’s influence on inflammatory processes. It was revealed that this terpene counteracts inflammations. Pepper flavor strain also work against diabetes by balancing glucose levels. Source


that was a good read. now i have to check this out. thank you