Looking for an experience licensed grower in Southern OK

Looking for an experienced licensed grower in the Southern Oklahoma area to invest with and be an active partner. Looking to be active partners in the business (not passive).

Interested in grow/processing/dispensary.

If you have a facility and looking to grow/expand your business but short some funds, or looking for an active partner who will help work the business OR

If you are an experienced licensed grower who is looking for an investment partner OR

a current experienced grower that needs a break but would consider staying on to be in a passive partner position.

Keywords: cannabis, turn key, building for sale, building for rent, dispensary, grow team, investor, investment, processing, processor, green house, greenhouse, warehouse


Prolly shouldn’t put phone numbers on here. Have them message you instead. Welcome by the way. We love pictures…


Trust me it’s a google phone number not my personal number lol I don’t want a bunch of spam messages all day on my number. Thank you for looking out though.


Hi @greenbusiness

Welcome to GN and thanks for sharing your info. I did make some changes to your post so it does not come across as spam on here. Welcome and take part in our community. @Slym3r you might know something.


for medical purposes7

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Yes for medical. Not Investing my money to do funky business.

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Not a licensed commercially buy am exsperiances grower that needs a job.! Don’t know why you would be looking for one that’s fully licensed, because if they was don’t u think they would be working & not have time to grow for anyone else ? No disrespect but I know if I had one I wouldn’t have time.!

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When your looking your hoping someone is looking too… Same goes with any business. Most have plans, some plans fall short, plans change and sometimes for the bigger… Some may need more help than they expected or want to branch into more. There’s so much potential every where you look. Just gotta be ever vigilant. Keep fishing till you get that fish your looking for.

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Hello how can we get together to show resume.?