Looking for autoflower seeds for next years outdoor grow

Hey fullas :wave:, wanting to pick some of your guys brains about what’s the better selection of
auto flowers for outdoors around 40degrees latitude. Have only grown a couple of autos in the past and they never amounted to much but these were in smallish pot’s. I have progressed in guerilla growing over the last few years and wanting to get a nice stock of either female or regular autos that i can give a proper run of. I’m not the richest but if anyone’s got any deals going i would love to hear from you. Nga mihi


take look and tell what you want :slight_smile:

I would be more than happy to throw you some beans

all the best and be safe



Ill have to do some research, thamk you lots for the offer. I’m about to bike to the bush to go check on a couple of clones, i will have a read up once im back, cheers mate


I’d look at Atlas Seeds Fog Dog or Froot by the Foot, or Twenty20 Mendocino autoflowers…Mendo County is around 49 N latitude so kinda close maybe sort of in climate to you, plus they breed heavily for outdoors.

Edit: Apologies @dequilo…you offered free beans and a helluva lineup, I meant to say that offer can’t be beat by any seedbank :+1: kudos to you offering your gear to help a grower :raised_hands::v::green_heart: