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Looking for Greenhouse for sale in Califonia

we are looking for buying a greenhouse in califonia.

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When you find your greenhouse you may want to consider my new greenhouse plastic which, passes the sun’s complete light spectrum including, UV rays. This would eliminate your need for artificial lighting. Not sure if your aware but all the current greenhouse plastic (polyethylene) and glass block UV rays.
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This project is seeking cannabis greenhouse tenants, either as licensed operators or arms-length investors.

If you are looking to buy a licensed facility, it’s possible. However, it’s probably more cost effective to buy approved land and build one.
Even though they can be $1M/acre or more in construction costs, that it US $1,000,000 per acre plus land costs.

Usually people are buying Greenhouses from China and shipping in US , you dont want to buy here Greenhouse , especially if its Light Dep. they know for what it is and the prices are crazy .
Better hire 3-4 guy that have experience they will buy the parts and construct .

If you’re going to buy a greenhouse make sure you buy my plastic greenhouse cover. It is the only one in existence that passes the Sun’s complete light spectrum and it doesn’t degrade or stretch even after 20 years of exposure to the Florida climate. You won’t need artificial lighting! The current greenhouse plastic on the market is polyethylene which blocks UV light and degrades within 3 years. No mater what plastic they use, it all blocks UV except mine. Glass also blocks UV. visit for more info.

It looks like a great product, the sun doesn’t always shine here in CA, and sometimes your outdoor grow needs a little more than just rain protection.
The greenhouses are typically closed atmosphere, they are built with smart glass, that is designed specifically for greenhouses.
These are not typical facilities, they are specifically designed for medical grade cannabis production.

But they still need artificial lighting!

To get consistent top quality, you have to.
Here it’s more about light depo than getting enough sun. That and heat.

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And you supplement with lighting. In either case your production cost goes down and reduce your carbon footprint!

You reduce the production cost , but you reduce the profit as well .

Growing under lights has another benefits :
a) Better quality , the density its not comparable with light dep flowers , and outdoor flower is completely another thing .
b) The cannabis flower grown under lights is almost two times more expensive then outdoor
c) The cannabis flower grown under lights has bigger demand on the market because of the saturation of the market with outdoor and light dep. flowers
d)You have ability for multiple harvest up to 5-6
e)You have ability to go with the product on the market when other outdoor farms cant , that period is adding on the price too .

You are not losing anything with lights , maybe you will add 300-400$ extra per LBS , but you will make 800-1000$ more then outdoor/light dep farm .


That is very interesting! If it is off profit only, it is okay to grow with lights. I’m getting into the industrial production and it is super interesting to read from you, the experts, all of this tips. Thanks and keep posting!

Growing in greenhouses with my Uvedge plastic gives you the best of 2 worlds. it passes the suns complete light spectrum including UVA & UVB (280nm-400nm) with a controlled environment. Artificial lighting does not generate the complete spectrum (280nm - 700nm) needed for photosynthesis and THC production. Glass completely blocks UVB and only passes 75% of UVA.
Using Uvedge plastic during the day and lighting during the night would increase yield and still reduce your lighting expense and carbon footprint.

I’ve been reading that governments are expressing concern about the increasing carbon footprints that indoor cannabis production is causing. I can see the day that new regulations will limit the use of lighting if not completely ban it!

Visit for more info.

Reduction of energy consumption is very important if you want to grow (and consume) cannabis with social responsibility. Here in Ecuador we have 12 hours of sun all year round. @inreco thanks for the input.

But if you use my uvedge plastic on greenhouses, you can eliminate the cost of artificial lighting and increasing THC production in you plants. As I stated before, i have yet to find artificial lighting that produces 280nm - 700nm which is needed for THC production and photosynthesis!