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Looking for high CBD seeds

Looking for some legit high Ratio CBD seeds




Me too actually. I’m looking for no THC and very high cbd

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Harlequin seeds at ILGM…


I am only posting this once… took me a long time to find the info…

Freedom Dream… @Packee (send this to the Grand boys) and @MK3_Pharms your second up if Grand don’t want… I have 6 and that is all… and no ability to contact the breeder at the moment… I want to put feelers out to him so I might try again…

Freedom Dream is a low THC (1-3%) and high CBD (10-13%)… It has a huge main cola with few secondary branches, but can easily be top and FIM to have more main colas that’s gone a be as huge…

You can expect, outdoor, a plant of minimum 5 feet up to 8 feet…


I have a few T1 Trump seeds.

“ T-1 is a robust High Yielding stable and sustainable High CBD cultivar that produces thick resinous flowers that smell of ripe fruit and notes of a pine forest with a ~32:1 CBD: THC. ratio“

What are you looking for? @algri

I have 2 crosses I made
Jet-A by exotic genetics x Jock horror Nirvana seed co

The Bruizer
Jet A x Y2K Purps from Dirt Farmer Genetics

I also have quite a few other strains in smaller quantities. maybe only 2 for 2 on these.


sent you a PM

I am also looking for a high CBD seed to help a little girl with her seizures. Her Mom had been ordering oils on line and getting junk. Her Dr told her to find a better source. She came to me begging for help. Does anyone know of a good place to start? I help other adults but never a child.
Asking for any recipes… seed strains… any advice? Please this little girl really needs help! :broken_heart:Thank you in advance. :heart:


take the good from the vid


@bobette I have a strain called T1 Trump, I just received these seeds a month ago, I’m growing them out right now. Search

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What is the percentage of you know it?
Also, thank you for your help.

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32:1… as listed
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