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Looking for labor for outdoor grow operation in Central Coast CA

We have an 83 acre property and a permit to grow on our site. Our plan is to grow high CBD ratio plants in a combination of outdoor/indoor/and outdoor hoop houses. We will be turning all plants into a whole plant, premium extract oil that will be made by our oil manufacturing partners.


i can consult Royal Knight AG . outdoor is perfect . also have a solid partner in santa rosa
let me know if still looking


Still In Need? Decades grow experience. 15 yrs in Hawaii
many years So Oregon
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Mike Baldwin
[email protected]


Super interested in working outdoors with Cannabis.
I am a Gardner for other herbs at home and I am looking to get more serious within the industry.
email me if interested in working with me!

I am extremely self motivated and a dedicated worker.


Myself Anoop and I belongs to India.
I would like to join your team.
Can you please help me to get an job
Offer there???

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Is there any vacencies will avilable for me? Iam a gow al,so Iam working in dubai as a gardener.

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I am Sherri and i am a medical marijuana card provider. let me know if anyone need or you can call us +1(213) 325 6967


Very interested! Field, outdoor, work with Cannabis. I have too much expirience with other herbs at village and I am looking to get more professional within the industry.
send me message if you need a good job.
[email protected]