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Looking for optics posters

Due to the huge number of posts on Introduce yourself I remember seeing posters who had great backgrounds in optics. Could you please send me a reply so that I may converse with you.

Thanks in advance.


@shibbyhockey04 @pkeiff504

Hey Kirk, how can I help you?

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I wanted to see if you have thoughts or experience designing reflectors for double ended HID lighting. The purpose of the reflector being to achieve a near uniform flux density of a large indoor grow area that relies on 30 to 50 lights to obtain the desired flux rate over the entire grow area. I don’t think that the greenhouse reflectors work well in lower ceiling buildings. Do you have any thoughts on how these reflectors should be designed to achieve uniform illumination over 1000 square feet and a ceiling height of 10 ft.

Just your thoughts on any overriding principles that need to be followed or tricks of the trade that will aid me in me trying to make one.

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Hey Kirk, still planning on responding to you just have been swamped with work.

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