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Looking for Organic ( OMRI) rooting agents, Please post suggestions

Hi, I have been using Azos with mixed results. Due to cost and unreliability I am on the hunt for a new organic rooting agent. I should add we are Clean green certified and 100% organic so I need something OMRI listed or organic that will be accpected by Cleangreen.


Make a tea out of willow stems. The original organic rooting agent.


Are you using heating mats?

Temperature helps a lot -


I think people mentioned the most common organic methods, heat and willow bark!

IBA was reviewed by the National Organic Standards Board and it found:

“…that it is not essential and is not compatible with organic production.”

NAA is considered synthetic as well:

So you will have to get creative. Try to find natural sources of NAA and IBA, as well as experiment with cutting technique, moisture levels and temperature, among other things. Try different scoring methods on the cuttings as well.

I should add that, under certain circumstances, IBA is allowed for organic production:

So maybe you can talk to Cleangreen and see what they recommend!


We have OMRI certified rooting agent. Let me know if you have any questions.


Get in touch with Conor at Ocean Organics, he could send you some samples.

“Our innovative processing technologies yield products richer than others yet with fewer solids and lower viscosity. This means our extracts can be used with a broader range of materials with better blending, mixing and stability characteristics. Our seaweed-based fertilizers, plant health materials and soil conditioners lead the industry in quality, effectiveness, cost efficiency and environmental sustainability”.

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