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Looking for partners

Hey guys, my english isnt the best, sorry for that.
I am a new growmaster actually located in Congo DRC, as we start from nothing, everything is yet to be done here. We will have indoor and outdoor cultures.
I have many questions for professional growers,
like how many motherplants i need to produce an average of 800 clones a day… :smiley:
As we will grow exponentially, there is a real opportunity for anyone in the future.
If anyone wants to get in touch i’m open !


I’d say you’ve greatly under estimated your English. Good luck in getting the information you need. I’m sure the community will rise to the occasion.


How can I help?


Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum and wanted to say hi. I will post some pics so you can see what I’m up to


Hi phatjr, actually i’m into complicated calculations, io don’t really need help. But if you want to discuss or anything you’re welcome

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If you’re looking to take 800 clones per day using traditional mother plants you’ll need to have a large stock of fast growing plants. Some starting points might be:

  • 18h photo period
  • 500-600 micro moles
  • 26-29°C day/ 21-24°C night
  • 55-65% RH day and night
  • A proper mother plant fertilizer with sufficient phosphorous, potassium auxins and B-vitamins to give the clones enough energy to root properly. I would encourage the use of leaf tissue and nutrient runoff tests to ensure proper plant nutrition.

A mother kept in this state can have clones taken every week if it is monitored and kept in perfect health.

If one mother gives you 50 clones, you’ll need a total of 16 plants per day of cloning. That will be 112 mother’s on hand in your genetic storage room. Large, well cared for mothers can provide significantly more than 50 clones per round.

There are also other cloning methods, such as using your vegetative plants as the source for new material. Every time you top a plant, use the top as a new clone. Micro propagation or tissue culture may also be an option if you have the ability and infrastructure.


Thank you for this ! my calculations were far higher…
I believe i need more plants to make sure i have nice clones to pick. My company wants to be the leader in quality and quantity.
Let’s count 10 clones per plant per week, i need 80 plants a day,
For this i need 400 plants a week.
So i make sure i allways have enough clones to pick.
What do you think of it?
Do you have any drawing or picture that illustrate your way of cutting ?
Another thing, we plan to produce Dinafem CBD+, my boss wants 12 plants per squared meter. As thoses seeds produce an average of 500G per m², i calculate 42g per plant. Is that correct for you?
Thank you again mate


How many plants are you harvesting per week and what is your production schedule, ie, how long do you plants spend in clone/veg/flower? That will better inform how many clones per week, and you can also build a program to sort for new mothers through your vegetative program.

I’m not sure I understand the second question. 12 plants per square meter is a very high density - I wouldn’t normally go over 3 plants per square meter in a controlled indoor grow. I also use 40g/ft ² (430g/m², or roughly one pound) as a yield standard.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!


We planned to harvest 800 plants a day, and produce 800 clones a day. 5 days a week.
Clone phase will be 2 weeks
Veg phase will be 3 weeks
1 day in dark room
Flowering phase will be 9 weeks.
The reason for this density is that my boss don’t know a thing in this type of culture and absolutely wanted 48000 plants in his factory.
He’s starting to understand that this way isnt the best possible.
Note : We’re a startup with bosses that want everything ASAP, so we dont allways have time to calculate correctly, basically i’m running for 1 month :smiley:
Do you think you have every information you need?

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Also, we plan to produce CBD oil, for this we plan to grow Dinamed CBD+. if anyone knows a better strain…

I guess my next question would be; how large are the rooms that you are flowering in? I would try to get your bosses to approve a test run/room where you grow fewer plants per square meter and show them that the yield will be equivalent but with a savings in labour (not caring for as many plants) and inputs (fewer plants in flower = fewer in veg = fewer clones = fewer moms = much less cost for pots, medium, and possibly water and nutrients).

If I was in a role where I NEEDED to have 800 plants to clone and harvest every day, I would be taking at least 900 clones to account for plant loss throughout the stages of growth and allow me to only pass the best plants on to the next phase. Having a few extra plants cut at clone will also allow you to select new mother plants as needed. If you’re going to keep a mother for 6 months before replacing it, at 3 months I would begin looking through my vegetative plants to find the best and keep them for my future mothers.


1642 cm width
14576 cm Long
6 m high
I just got the discussion with him about productivity, he’s starting to get it

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I’ve worked with enough people to understand that if I’ve got a problem that I need approval to change, the first thing I need to have is a plan to fix it. Even before I tell my boss/partner/employees about the problem, I have an idea to fix it. It sounds like you’ve got the right idea with your approach and you should be able to build a lot of trust with your boss, allowing you some more freedom to grow the way you know is best.

How are those rooms set up in regards to plant placement? On the floor in buckets? On benches? How is watering and fertilizing handled?

With a room your size (I averaged it to 15m x 15m = 225 square meters, or about 2500 square feet) and with 80% effective canopy (allow 20% for unused space - aisles, storage, etc - which brings us down to 180 square meters or 2000 square feet) I would have 400 - 600 plants (2 - 3 plants per square meter, or one plant per 3 - 5 square feet). Regardless of the number of plants, I would expect to harvest 80kg or about 175lbs from a room that size (assuming 430g/square meter or 40g/square foot).

Keep us updated on your project. It sounds like you’ve got a lot of exciting growth ahead of you.