Looking for Product Tester(s)


We are hoping to expand our network of test growers. We are looking for one or more people/entities to do test/comparison cannabis grows with our LED grow lights. We have a new light coming out, of which we will be finishing the first production ready units soon.

If you have a brand that you wish to gain exposure for we can offer promotion through social media and trade shows. You will also be receiving free lights of course.

We are looking for experienced growers. Preferably with experience growing with LEDs. Potentially greenhouse growers too.

Please message me, or respond with the appropriate contact info.



Hi, My name is Robin Thomas born 11/30 /1957. I am now an active licence holder, Gudlief ORganization Lic #10979, for a limited ( 500 sq ft) grow in Nome ALaska. I have a low ceiling and plan to use LED lighting. I have used Mars Hydro lights for three years and am happy with LED for quality and overall plant health. I am looking for a promotional light opportunity . I need approximately 20-30 300 watt led lights or equivalent. I hope to produce at least a gram per watt with soilless medium ( coco and Peat/perlite) with additives and half strength nutrients, water to waste. My space could produce 2-4 lb per week with the right conditions. I am willing to document the entire grow for a company like yours to provide lighting. THanks cell 907 304 5054 caller ID required



Do you distribute to Canada? Are you interested in Canadian Testers and/or distribution partners?


We do distribute to Canada. Check your inbox for more info.


Thanks Robin!

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Very nice website.

I may by my wife a few of the DUO LED Clone Stick by Cirrus LED Grow Lights for an indoor herb garden, not cannabis. I have to calculate the distribution of light and etc.
She wants basil and other herbs for the long winter.

How are the lights for seasonal affective disorder? SAD it could be additional marketing space for you. The price point is half of what I know other products are selling at.

I have book marked the site.