Looking for quality CBD oil

Ideally 20:1
I need some help getting some oil strong oil for a good friend. And not overly priced is a plus. PM if you have any

A minimum I’m looking for is a 7:1 ratio but would love 20:1 or higher. I’m looking for quality. With testing results. This is for a friend/client of mine.

Fun fact this person is a Hollywood celebrity. I have a few as regular customers and friends. Sometimes living in LA has its perks

Hi, I think I can help you.
this is the best oil I’ve tried. there is CBD without THC, there is with THC content.

you can also buy in bulk and use for selling

ALPINOLS organic CBD oils are sustainably cultivated, processed and bottled in Switzerland. 15 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, harvesting by hand under the strictest Bio Swiss guidelines, which is combined with the most innovative technology.

I have been looking for some good CBD products lately too. Any brand recommendations, guys?