Looking for Secondary opinions! / Heat Stress or Deficiency? Send Help :P

I am currently running a Auto Critical Orange Punch on day 74. The last two days have been incredibly humid and in the 90’s. I have encountered 0 issues through the entirety of this lovely lady’s cycle until now. Not 100% certain if this could be a cause of heat stress, Sun burn or a deficiency but hopefully the issues don’t affect the remainder of her grow. She is never left out in rain, I don’t foliar feed since I know jack about it as of this time. I am running General Hydroponics nutrients in a 5 gallon Aero pot with Foxfarm Ocean Forest. Fed roughly every 3-4 days depending what she asks for. In one of the photos you can notice the mark just barley on the surface of the leaf. I am not 100% certain myself on the cause so I have to reach out to this amazing community for help! Again xD


Nice looking plant! IMHO this plant is just finishing up. The spots in question appear to be on the lower leaves and are normally expected as your flower bud draws nutrients stored in the leaves.

The lower leaves are the least productive for the plant, so they are the first to be ‘nutrient robbed’.

From my perspective I would say don’t worry about them and just treat her nice as she fully matures…FWIW


Seconded. Looks good overall. I wouldn’t stress too much over those lower leaves.


If it yellow, let it mellow.
If it’s brown, take it down…

And your are green still. All’s good.


:sweat_smile: Woo, I can relax now lmao. I appreciate the reply’s fellas thank you! In the last few days it has started to really produce it’s scent and the hairs are starting to darken an retract slightly. Pretty cool! Roughly 2 months and 3 weeks - 3 months on this auto seed to harvest. I can’t complain for my second full grow, and an auto this time. I think the aero pot could be larger :wink: