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Looking for some seed testers

Hey what’s up everyone,
I’m looking for 10-20 people that would be interested in testing a couple new strains. I’ve been breeding for about 7-8 years and growing for about 12. I mostly just dabbled in breeding for personal seeds and some close friends until about 2 years ago when I decided I’d love to share my passion and genetics with more people. These are regular non feminised seeds and the start to my Chocalate Diesel project. I have flowered out all females used in my crosses several dozen times and have had full terpene and cannabinoid testing done prior to pollinating. I’m breeding for high terpene high cannibinoid numbers with shorter flowering times and high calyx to leaf ratios. Females need to check all boxes to ever be used in anything I make. I’m starting with just 2 strains which I still need to name but thought it would be more fun to have seed testers come up with names after flowering and sampling and I’ll pick my favorite. Strains are Ghost1PureKush x Chocolate Diesel
ChemDCookies x Chocolate Diesel. The GhostPK is a 20+ yr old cut that is easily one of the most potent OGs I have tried. It has a non lemony sweet marshmallowy kushy flavor that brings you back to the good ol days. She tested at 29.8% total cannabinoid and 4% total terpene with 2.9% of it being Myrcene. The ChemDCookies I used was found by @MittenGardens and she really packs a punch too. Testing at 31% total cannibinoid and 3.2% terpenes with a high yield in 60 days. Sweet gassy chemy goodness. Pm me for details if interested and I can also share pics/test results if wanted. Thanks I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and I look forward to getting some seeds into some new hands.


Sign me up. Just started a grow. Can do after. Roughly spring, marchish.


Awesome thanks!


I’d be happy to help also.


We would like to test your genetics out. They sound great.
Tacoma Washington

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