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Looking for work. Massachusetts

Hey everyone!
I’m looking to break in to the field in MA. Have done some personal grows but I’m looking for entry level employment. Needs to be full time, I’m reliable and just left a long career. Please keep me in mind!


@WokeTalent and @HempStaff may be able to help out a little. Are you looking for a job in an organic facility or are you down to just find some work in the industry?


I’m looking for a job growing indoors in the Philadelphia Tri-State area . I worked in San Francisco for years achieving my proficiency in running grows . Willing to take an entry level position


Hello @Brillo9703 and @joecurcio !

If you have legal cannabis experience please send your resume to [email protected]

You can also visit our website to see if we hold our Dispensary Agent Training course in your area. As we help our students prepare to work in the industry by educating them on the laws and regulations based around the program, the cannabis plant itself, cannabis products, terpenes, cannabinoids and so much more. We also offer a resume review, template, and more tools so you are able to locate those positions that you are attempting to seek out!

If we do not offer our class in your State or you do not wish to participate in the training you can always go onto our website and register as a “Job Seeker.” You will be able to upload your resume into our database so when our business developers are looking for candidates to fill a position that they are headhunting for and your qualifications meet the requirements of a position. You will be contacted.

Use this link to view our Training schedule, purchase tickets, and to find out more information about our classes. @Brillo9703 , We have an upcoming class in Massachusetts on March 24th you will notice on the web page.

Use this link to register as a job seeker on our website.
When you hit “Register” you will see a gear icon on the next page. Click that and then hit, “Edit Profile.” You will be able to upload your resume into a Word or PDF document on the next page.

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