Looking to find a job as cultivator

I am trying to follow my dreams and persue the career as a cultivator in the cannabis industry I have experience in growing for over 8 years I am very well educated in hordiculture and botany and have used my other skills and certificates to get by financially and I have found nothing but unhappiness so if you have any connections that can’t help me or I can help u please let a brother know


To be honest with u bro if be happy if ud delete ur comment on my post and and try to advertise ur self if u Wana talk herbs u could mesg me for tips or anything

Not sayn ur not a good guy or what not jus I don’t know who u are

@shmodyshmott this is a tough business to get into even with experience such as yours… This business is who you know not what you know… I’ve heard of people leasing spots to growers before but getting a job as a head cultivator won’t be easy not just filling out an application and job interview… You’re asking people from all across the globe here on GN to get you a job… Best way would be finding commercial operators around your area and network with them and try to open some doors… Hope this gives some clarity for you

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Bro I have done what ur saying to do Wich is actually why I kinda said for him to advertise on his shit not my file jus I’m not jus here to get a job and nor do I think people should look at my shit and keep scrolling and see other people who say the same thing regardless to who u are and people should promote themselfs to be honest I want to make my own brand of edibles and it will take some time to get me there I jus want some 1 to see me for what I know I can do and love doing wether I make more money but my own land and produce my self or work under a house grown and help as much as I can I jus don’t want to selly soul for my crane opp license and cer to make some money and be happy