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Looking to network with dispensary owners and industry investors

Hello I am business owner in CT. I am looking to diversify into a recreational organization for when the state legalizes it. I am working with a state representative to help craft the bill. That being said I’d love to connect with other operations that are all in one. Control over growing, processing, and distribution to the final customer.
I am open to franchise opportunities, selling partial ownership interests to hands on investors with industry experience. I am not looking to reinvent the wheel.
Thanks for your time and consideration.

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Good luck man I wish every day to meet some1 will help become a full-time cultivator


That’s interesting, would love to know more!

There are many states who are looking to get into the recreational business. They have bills that have gone to committee, etc. on setting up state controlled (taxed) cannabis businesses. You may simply inquire at different states that have the potential laws in committee or go to states that are already established and see how their laws are written. Every state structure is different. Good Luck!

Which part?

I know all sorts. Pm me and ill give you my contact info…

I am always game!


I am new to the community and it looks like that that are ample opportunities to grow and spread the word about the business.

Thanks for posting!

Team - Weeddays

Sent you a PM

Hello sir you may want to try to contact me and talk if possible