Love My ECRU lights

ECRU LED Grow Light Panel - 150W Equivalent Growing lamp with Natural Solar Full Spectrum White LED Light Bulb for Indoor Plant Seedling, Vegetation and Flowering - LED Indoor Grow Light


Glad you like them. I’m going to pass after reading the specs.

Not trying to sell them. Just sharing. They worked really good for my vegetables and plants.

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Cool enjoy

How big are they and how many do you have in how big of space?

Look at The specs. They are very small. Could work for somethings but idk.

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Maybe some starts or a clone or 2 lol

Yeah. They say 150w. But I couldn’t find the actual wattage pull from The wall. They might be ok for wall mount.

I’m using them for seed stock vegetables and plants. They seem to be doing fine.


I would almost buy a few just to test em. But man I have so many lights chillin I’m boxes

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I like that little tent. Nice and small. I have a pair of LED that I have for back up just in case something happens it will cover me till I can replace what broke.

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I got the tent at a membership store called Bi-Mart. They’re made in China but it only cost me 35$ It sits inside a frame on the grow table so I can raise it up to whatever height I want as the plants grow. It works pretty good and then when the weather gets better I can move it outside for some sun and fresh air.