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Lowest prices on CCELL-style vape carts in the USA

Hello @ProcessorOwners @DispensaryOwners @growopowners @LabOwner alike! We are excited to announce the launch of our website, BulkCarts dotCom - America’s lowest priced CCELL-style cartridge online retailer, which launched at the beginning of December 2019. We are offering the 1.0ml & 0.5ml glass tank and ceramic screw on tip cartridges for as low as $0.99 a piece. We are USA-based and ship same or next day from Austin, TX. Shipping & Returns are ALWAYS FREE. You can also pick up locally in Austin, TX or Ann Arbor, MI. We have tried 5 different manufacturers and found these to be the highest quality overall. Our specialty is Bulk but we still offer the lowest pricing on the Net for sample packs and 100 packs ($1.20/ea). If anyone has any questions, let us know! We would love to become your trusted USA source for all your CCELL-style cartridge needs at

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