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Luminous Planet looking for Email Marketing and Social Media Manager

We are looking for the following:

Looking for someone that is not looking for a 9-5 job. We are looking for someone to be with us for the long haul. We do not want to babysit we want someone to bring ideas to the table and not have to be told what to do. Our previous company was Quantum Horticulture and we would like to exceed what we did with that brand previously.

Can work Remote or Can Relocate

 Ability to either manually or automatically manages Marketing across the Luminous planet

family of Brands 24/7/365.

 Post 2-4 Post weekly per brand on Instagram and Facebook

o Total post will vary on total brand represented by Luminous Planet

 1-3 Emails per month to Accounts driving brand message and sales

o Email will be marketed through distributor chains

 Will work with sales teams to direct to proper distributors per region or country

 Will keep contact with distributors to drive marketing in parallel to their own


 Manager and run multiple email campaigns over 7 to 10 brands

 Manage multiple Social media platforms and schedule social media campaigns for each Brand

under Luminous

 Develop new Social media pages as new brands are created

 Work with Graphics Manager to develop new campaigns and designs for social media pages

 Work closely with Web copy-writing and Graphics Design Manger Team to ensure consistent


o Email Templates for each brand and distributor

o Social media communications templates

All Brands Launching 2017-2018


Do you really need to higher your own social marketer? Have you thought of outsourcing to a subject matter expert?

Take a look at AimClear, I have worked with Marty Weintraub and his team with great success.


FIf you are still looking for a high quality email marketing and social media manager. I would love to join a growing company or partner in creating high and engagements and creative content for your brand.


Hi Shawn, I have someone that may be perfect for you. How should I have her reach out to you?


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I am an independent Social Media Manager with some marketing experience in the Cannabis industry. What is the best way to reach out to you? Thank you.

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Via Email [email protected] please.

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Fantastic. I’ll pass it on. Thanks!

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