Lux 1000w de for sale - over 70 available

I have over 70 used Lux DE1000w lights for sale along with:

  • Hurricane fans - 70
  • several large and small filtration cannisters
  • many other misc. items including water and nutrient filtration systems

I have a full inventory of supplies to get a new grower started or to help expand the business of an established grower. It is located in the Bakersfield area.


Hi! What volt are the luxx lights?




Sorry for the delay, I have been sick. I

This is a picture of the box. It should have all the information listed. How many lights are you interested in?

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Good morning,

Have you had a chance to review the light specs from the box picture that I sent you? I would be happy to answer any other questions about this product and the other products that we have available.
Please let me know.


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