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M.J Growers S.A


Welcome @mj.growerss.a that’s a lot of bud pics. Tell us about yourself. Your bud looks great :+1:


I couldn’t do that arm pic with my pinky qq


Name’s Mike good to meet you good people, we are based is South Africa, I run a growers platform on WhatsApp for all the local growers around the country. Mainly educational as not to have new growers ruining genetics as they don’t know the difference between a male and female plant.

Been growing for an excess of years but all my knowledge was gained hands on and not from books.

Just glad to be part of something more global now.

Stay blessed and grow well!


That is very cool to hear. I am glad your here. The community will enjoy your company.

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Howzit @mj.growerss.a , welcome to GN. Thanks for sharing your buds. Great what you are doing and hope this season more people know the difference between male and female plants!


Thanks brother and yes I’ll be trying to focus on the educational side of things a lot more now haha. Have a great day and grow well brother :pray:


@mj.growerss.a , Did you come up with a solution for flowering your ladies? One potential answer is to bring your plants inside to a dark room at night!

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Not yet but have found some ideas and I could always drive a nail through the base of the plant so it thinks it will die and pushes to finish flowering (they won’t die thou) but the hst I’m not a big fan of


I have heard that works for flowering avo trees, but I dont think it will work for cannabis! If you going to try it anyway, post updates here. Interesting.

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Have done it in previous grows and it definitely works, only thing is that it flowers faster than what’s needed so you don’t always get the biggest and heaviest yields. Might have some pictures somewhere, I’ll see if I can get them