Make your own pollen box or kief box

So i made a couple pollen collecting boxes.

  1. 12" x 4’ roll of 120 micron stainless steel screen $13
    1. 1"x2"x8’ finish pine $7
    1. 1"x8"x8’ finish pine $12
    1. 1/4" sheet wood. 4’x4’ - on hand wood.
  2. Wooden dowels. $2.50
  3. staples
  4. Old picture frame glass - on hand glass. Saved from old broken frames.

    Mark all your cuts 1st.
    Cut all your pieces. Using a compound miter saw or saw of your choice.
    Cut all your 45 degree angles.

Using a table saw. take the bigger pieces of wood for the box sides and mark 1" from the bottom. Set the saw blade height to 1/4" lay the pieces of wood down so the inside of the boxs side of the wood is down on the table. set the the fence to 1" and cut all 4 of the pieces of wood. This is for the glass pollen collection plate to slide into the box.

Use corner clamps to clamp your squares together.

While the squares are clamped and the box sides are clamped. Drill the holes for the screws so the wood doesnt split but also i used a countersink drill bit and check screw length. Then while its still clamped screw it together.

Take the squares you made now and add 12" of screen and staple it to the small squares you made. The Screen cuts easy with a box cutter. I originally cut the roll into 4 pieces using tin snips.

Make the pegs to sit the screen on. I drilled side holes to hold the screen up.

Here is the screen in the box.

I also drilled 2 holes in the top for the lid to easily come off.

The glass slides into the groove i cut using the table saw.

Fill the box so the flower clusters can dry.

And finished. Total cost $35.00 but i had screws,staples, glass already.


I am gonna do the same! Next weekend or sooner.


Inspired to do the same. Nice work @PreyBird1 and thanks for sharing with us.


I didn’t realize i misspelled that on the other thread lol.
Thanks @chrisj


It happens, always here to help. Have an irie day.


Oh here link to screen i used. Dont know if you can get it in SA?


Can definitely source wire mesh from somewhere. In the process of a having a coffee and spliff to decide how to setup a clone chamber. Got some T5 florescent light fittings. So that will be project one.


Ohh nice im waiting for my 4x new t5 4’ isun leds to get here. Best little lights ever for vegging. I love the the added UVa.
This is the lowest cost to get into uv.


holy crap! what a great tutorial! Do you ever sleep?


Lol sometimes i do sleep. Lol i work 55-60hra a week. Then i come home and go to the grow op and work for 2-3 hrs every night 7 days a week.