Marijuana Found in Breast Milk 6 Days after Use

“Women should definitely be counseled that it’s not a good idea to use marijuana while pregnant. If you’re breastfeeding, we would encourage you to cut back or quit,” said Seth Ammerman, a co-author of the report and professor of pediatrics at Stanford.

If a breastfeeding mother does not stop using, however, “the benefits of breastfeeding would outweigh the potential exposure to the infant,” he added.

A second study, also published in Pediatrics, found that THC, the molecule that gives marijuana most of its psychoactive effects, accumulates in breast milk, even up to six days after the mother’s last use.

I feel like this should be obvious, but pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers probably should stay with anything that has potentially brain-altering effects.


Should be obvious right :slight_smile: Milk has fats, and cannabinoids are lipophilic, so it follows that breast milk will have canna…I wonder though what the potency is, and if the dosage LOL is more akin to microdosing.


If it calms the crying baby in the back of the plane, is it wrong of me to say I’m down with it? KIDDING!!!

Seems obvious but it needs to be documented and explained to physicians practicing conventional medicine who are still largely in the dark when it comes to matters pertaining to medical cannabis.

Thanks for sharing this, @Hunter!


they have found cannabniods in breast milk from women who have NOT used Cannabis as well !


Does this mean that it’s actually a bad thing to consuming cannabis while breastfeeding? Smoking sure, cant say that is good for you. But I wonder about the reference to actual THC consumption alone. It sounds controversial and nonconclusive to me.

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I hate to sound overly clinical here, but I have to defer back to my days working with kids and vulnerable adults. Any exposure to psychoactive chemicals in a developing brain should be avoided wherever possible. An easy way way to minimize risk to the cognitive development of the neonatal and infant brain is for the mother to avoid cannabis altogether.

I love cannabis but I will always look out for the needs of vulnerable people first. Infants are among, if not the most, vulnerable population we have in our world. They needn’t be exposed to any chemicals.

When in doubt, I love the phrase “Children, there’s a time and a place for everything…it’s called college.” This sage-like advice came from Chef (voiced by Issac Hayes) on South Park. I think college is a perfect time for experimentation in ones’ life. Let the kids develop as normally as possible, chemical-free.


I’m pretty sure it means that the proteins and antibodies found in the breast milk supersede potential issues caused by cannabinoids found in the breast milk. In other words, better to breastfeed with cannabis than not breastfeed at all? At least, that’s my interpretation.


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