Marijuana vs. Caffeine: A cup of coffee or a puff of cannabis, which is safer

Is cannabis safer than coffee?

This is a good question and it depends how you evaluate it. If you are operating heavy equipment or driving then cannabis could be worse for you than coffee, it can impare your senses where as caffine in coffee is a stimulent that would make you more alert.

Caffeine and marijuana are similarly low-risk drugs. But if you are dinking lots of coffee or taking caffeine in large doeses this can have its own negative effects on your health.

If you have decafe coffee then there is no risk other than perhaps of scolding yourself with hot water. If we look at the caffine aspect of coffee then there is a danger of overdose, although its fairly small but certainly higher than with cannabis.

Deaths from caffeine overdose are rare but occur a handful of times a year. Lethal doses of caffeine in adults range from 3,200 milligrams to 10,000 milligrams at a time.

A typical 8oz cup of coffee can have anywhere from 80 to 180mg of caffeine. Energy drinks contain 2 to 3 times that up to 357mg in some cases. Anti-sleep and diet pills contain up to 300mg.

Consuming lots of caffeine can have a negative impact on the health of your heart. Some researchers believe that many heart attack deaths may actually be undiagnosed deaths from caffeine overdoses, adding significantly to the actual death toll.

So if you look at the health impact of the drugs on your body then caffeine is clearly riskier, more dangerous, more deadly, more harmful, and more costly than cannabis in every category.

Overdose deaths, overuse deaths, withdrawal symptoms, and acute toxicity.

The only area where cannabis poses a greater risk is the degree of impairment experienced by users.

Legislation that makes marijuana more harmful than caffeine does not reflect reality and should be challenged by drug pacifists. Society should treat every drug according to the risks it poses instead of making rules based on ignorant myths and racist, outdated traditions.

You can read this article, it explains the difference in detail:Marijuana vs. Caffeine: A cup of coffee or a puff of cannabis, which is safer

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Caffeine more costly then cannabis , I don’t think so, maybe If you’re a grower a cup of coffee a day might eventually cost you more then initial cost. But i agree marijuana is far safer then any other drug legal or not WITH MODERATION AND CARE.


Welcome to GN @sherry . Interesting point, but dont forget coffee also went through troubled waters in its early years, I think the 1500’s. The pope wanted it banned as it was too dark and possibly the gateway to hell. Where I am from, coffee is served free of charge in most company canteens and not seen as a drug, but rather a stimulant for employees to work harder. Throw alcohol and tobacco into the equation and you will see how skewed our laws really are. Nice article and thanks for sharing.