Marketing and Branding materials

What are some experiences and reflections from marketing and branding of Cannabis in a legalized regime?

We are developing a large range of marketing material and support for our strains and different lines. Here is one example. Anyone else care to share?


@clandestinegardens you care to share some of your marketing materials?

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Can’t share anything, not mine to share client work (we’re a creative agency for cannabrands), but what we’ve seen, is explaining the vibe and properties of each strand – similar to wine, but you’re also explaining how it’s going to make you feel as well as the flavor.

I love how these guys do it:



At Canna Ventures we’ve produced a few resources for helping build brands. The study mentioned on the following page of our site: Canna Venture resources, is being updated now. In fact I’m taking a break from writing it. Hoping it’ll be completed and ready for publishing by end of the month. BTW - resources are free to download. Cheers!