Massachusetts mayor arrested for extorting bribes from cannabis businesses

Hello GN!

Anyone see this in the news?

"Correia began “monetizing his official position” as mayor within months of being elected, prosecutors said.

In the pot scheme, prosecutors said in exchange for his signature two vendors agreed to pay Correia $250,000, another agreed to pay him $150,000 and a fourth $100,000.

One of the vendors also agreed to give an associate working for Correia profits from future marijuana sales, according to a superseding indictment filed Friday. In an agreement with another company, the money was to come to Correia in the form of cash, campaign contributions and a mortgage discharge."



Thanks for posting this! I’m certainly not surprised. Hopefully the attention will dissuade others? We’ll see.

I guess they’re right though, legalization attracts criminals :rofl:


Legalization does attract criminals. The government is full of crooks! lol