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Master Grower to Review Cannabis Growing Articles - $50/article

Hey all!

I work for and we’re looking for a master grower to review growing articles on our online cannabis publication, The Stash. There’s a lot of misinformation on the web, and because we value accuracy, we need your help.

We would assign the selected candidate 1-2 articles per week for review and pay $50 per article.

To be considered the ideal candidate must:

  • Be working for a producer/processor who’s products can be found in recreational dispensaries.
  • Be comfortable with their full name and bio displayed on our website
  • Be able to provide detailed feedback when there is a factual error in an assigned article.

If you’re interested or would like to learn more please PM or email me at [email protected]


Just updated the OP with more details. This position is still open, let me know if there are any questions.

Your not going to connect me to any dispensary, I live in an illegal state. Hopefully that changes but I’ve cannabis cultivated outdoor since I was a kid and for past 3 years have turned my passion into a serious indoor grow with the hopes of when law changes in this state, to have a nursery where people can buy their starter medical plants from me. I can review articles and make sure there accurate with solid information. I think everyone has the right to have access to this medicinal gift from God