Measuring Moisture Content with a LOM Balance

Hello GN! I am wondering if anyone has used a Loss of Moisture Balance to measure moisture content of flower? If so, can you recommend temperature and time guidelines, or can you point me in the direction of a publicly available SOP about measuring moisture content?

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I can’t say I have a good answer here but perhaps somebody from our @memberdirectory might be able to help.


Hey Nick,
i just found this blog regarding the use of this instrument !

CSC Scientific Blog

What Does A Moisture Balance Cost?

Posted by Art Gatenby on Mar 13, 2017 3:28:57 PM

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Hey Berg, we use these units all the time! Give me a call when you have time, I would love to discuss. 5202418216


I have a tool that measures the EC temp canopy as well as measures the moisture. It’s cutting edge . SOP meaning ? Sulfate of potash? Availability? Contact me directly or on this forum. I do have what your looking for. I do believe I can help be of service


Standard Operating Procedure


@ omykiss1953, you might not be understanding what I’m looking for, but if you do I’d really appreciate your help!


Hey Casey, great chatting this AM. Nice to see others are working to bring science to the forefront of this industry. Please check out my LinkedIn profile at:


I’m assuming you are looking at this for drying/curing activities. Please correct me if this is not the case.

There are some pretty simple hand-held devices that will give you a moisture content amount - these are used all over agriculture to make sure grains and grasses are appropriately dry for storage / processing. Here is a link to a hand-held device that is calibrated for hops (I know its not the same, but it is very similar). There’s even a guide for how to use it most effectively from the manufacturer. Its pretty easy to track/monitor the moisture content of your flower using this - you can even track buckets of small popcorn bud or trim. Also with the handheld you aren’t destroying the flower while doing your test, its not invasive and with the right SOP won’t cause cross contamination.

Now if you are thinking you want to go a bit further than a handheld device (they are precise but may not be as accurate as you are looking for) I would recommend a unit from Mettler Toledo - they have been doing this a long time. You can get their instruments used if you don’t want to buy new, and it looks like there are cannabis focused companies out there selling the same type of units.

Of course - their test would be destructive (IMHO) and you would have to have a sampling plan to minimize overall sample size or you’d be throwing away too much of your crop. Its also possible that you’ll lose other compounds during heating - it is a Loss on Drying test after all. The test is pretty fast, but not as fast as the impedance test of the handheld device.

There are other moisture methods out there - but they won’t really be fast enough to help you with daily decisions on drying/curing. I see @Cure_Advantage_Ruben has chimed in here and you’ve talked with him. His technology is one of the best I have seen for monitoring and controlling moisture and off-gassing during curing.

Hope this was helpful. Feel free to message me if you want to chat about full-room moisture monitoring or other methods that would not have a sample necessary.