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MED Lowers Test Sample Sizes of Concentrates

Good morning @agrisciencetesting , I received an e-mail this morning from you guys about this and was wondering what the story was? What was the test sample size before the emergency change? Does that mean we’re testing LESS?

MED Lowers Test Sample Sizes of Concentrates
The Marijuana Enforcement Division has decreased the required total sample sizes of concentrates.

On 2/21/18, the MED emailed a bulletin about the emergency rule update. The update has not yet been posted on their official list of bulletins at the time of this email, but please reach out if you’d like our team to forward it your way.

In the meantime, we updated our Sample Sizes sheet to reflect these changes, which go into effect immediately.

Appreciate any insight!


Hi, Jordan!

Thanks for reaching out.

The full email from us can be found here.

In Colorado, sample sizes are made of a certain number of sub-samples, which are determined by the size of the production batch. You can find more information about that here.

The sub-samples were 0.5 g from 1/1/18 until this emergency bulletin went out yesterday, and they decreased the sub-samples to 0.25 g. This means that they were all previously twice the size as you can see in our sample size sheet here.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!


Is there a reasoning given for that?


I know that a lot of processors reached out to the state about this being a problem for them. We had been expecting this.