Medical Cannabis Dosing

Hello, my name is Ethan Carruthers and I am a pharmacist who worked at LeafLine Labs doing medical consults and dosing for patients with a variety of illnesses. I am one of very few people who have detailed pahrmacologic knowledge of cannabis and its dosing and titration in a variety of different disease states. I am interested in bringing my expertise to some of the western states but unsure whether dispensaries have a need for a medical professional doing this sort of thing in Colorado, California, etc.
As a pharmacist, I am also an expert on compounding medications and developing methods of delivery that I would like to bring to the cannabis industry.
Are there any dispensaries out there who have a need for professional level medical cannabis dosing and product formulation and development?
Also, please feel free to ask me medical cannabis questions you might have like medication interactions (yes there are many medications cannabis interacts with through the cytochrome p450 system), pharmacology, or other things of interest. Iā€™m just passionate about bringing medical science to the cannabis industry and being a part of it. Thanks!

Ethan Carruthers


Hello Ethan
We are assembling a huge business plan that you may want to be a part of. Nothing happening fast but it will be done.
feel free to email me directly at Getting the team together is a huge part of the process and we are looking for someone with your skillset.