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Medical Cannabis of Minnesota

Which of these products would you use for a qualified condition.

Which of these products would you use for a qualified condition?


It would depend on the condition. Do you mean medical condition? Almost all could but some people may not wish or be able to vaporize. The “sublingual” “suspension” & “Spray” are all cannabinoids infused into either oil (like MCT oil from Coconut oil) or Vegetable Glycerin or some other edible solvent like that.

Now that I’m looking at it, the patient’s dexterity and ability to dose themselves also comes into play here. I really like the sprays. They are usually dosed a certain mgs per spray and they are easy to direct under the tongue. The sublingual oils and suspensions require measuring usually and many a bottle has been dropped on the floor. So that’s another factor.

Vaping would offer the fastest relief but would last less time. Many patients do many modes of ingestion. They get up, puff or vape for immediate relief. Then they take their oil and eat. By the time the puff has worn off, the oil has taken effect. Ideally, one would get to the point where they’d have cannabinoids in their system at all times.

Not sure if this is what you meant …



This is what the state of Minnesota will offer me.

I need good pain control and something to fight panic attaches. I am loosing control of my of my body and my mental facelties. But, the first to would meet my short term needs.

The pain is from constent muscle twitches, muscle fasticulation in most of my big muscle groups. They turn into cramping. The neurologist at the Mayo think it is a late onset tay-sacks. We only know I am a carryer and that I am having problem with completely motabolizing Hex A into Hex B. The excess Hex A in my muscle cause them to activate like worms crawling under my skin, fun to show people but not so nice when trying to move or sleep. Most doctors have not seen or treated this. It causes some strange vestibule issues if I exert myself or turn to fast. It causes spasms in my diaphragm and vocal cords, so I talk funny unless I take gabapentin. But, it slowly burns out your gaba receptors with long usage at high dosages. So we limit gababto when I need to talk and function like an educated adult.

I have modified my diet as much as we can for a chronic kidney condition. I don’t make citrate, and have to take a replacement. I have taken a citrate replacement for 35 years. Just, so I make fewer kidney stones and they are smaller. When we had the farm in the 1990’s, I passed about a stone a week and a big one once a quarter. I have managed stones well. Generation of my family make stones. Along my paternal side. My father a surgeon and I identified 40 members of his family who make or died of an impacted stone. We worked with Fred Coe at the University of Chicago, to develope a simpler test for 24 and 48 hour citrate production and stone risk. FedEx hates us for sending gallons of urine to Dr. Coe’s lab. Litho link was developed so that only alloquate of a collection and a blood sample need to be sent to the lab.

I know that when I have access to cannabis in legal states. I use less of the one medication I hate, a benzodasipan. About 90% less. I also use less neproxasodium, for pain though that number is hard to quantify.

Pure CBD is not a solution something with more THC works better. I am looking for some control not a magic bullet cure.

The long term prognosis is I like everyone will die. I would like the years left to be more enjoyable and less a burden on my family. This has already killed my father, his sister and one of my brothers. The LOTS has impact in two areas, everyone who shows the biggest symptoms also makes stones and has a Polycyrimia Vera, non Philadelphia type A. This eventually expresses as a lymphoma or a leukemia if you live long enough. The big stone makers live less long than the small stone makers.

I just want some life quality improvement.

The list above is what is offered in Minnesota.

So what cocktail would you suggests.

Plus, I still use tobacco unless I have a ready supply of Canabis. But, I want to stay legal. Most of the illegal stuff is coming from Colorado, but it is what your old friend have. I expect with the change in law in Michigan illegal cannabis will be showing up here in Duluth.

I have played with concentrates in both Alaska and Washington State. I tried one of everything with my brother. Decarbinated seems better. Higher THC to CBD ratio is better, more control all around. And I can read novels when I use THC. Not just read the newspaper or Journel articles.

From the voices in my head.



Hi Ethan,

Did you see the documentary WEED by Sanjay Gupta? In the first one there’s a guy with similar sounding condition of the diaphragm. He’s able to smoke & relieve it but vaping would work too.

Capsules are very overpriced & you can always put the oil or suspension in caplets yourself so avoid them. I like the sounds of that topical for your legs. It would be nice if you could buy some bud and make your own topical that way you can really get a lot on there at a time. I’ve heard of patients getting some relief from this sort of condition (as well as restless leg syndrome) by sleeping with a massager or vibrating device on the bed with them. The vibration distracts the brain from the twitching and allows the patient to sleep.

It’s difficult to advise without knowing your experience. Combining the two compounds THC and CBD is imperative I believe almost all the time. So looking at those choices, I’d stick with the “HEather” product line because of the 1:1 ratio. If you can afford to vape to get yourself going and then take the oil for longer effect, that would be very helpful I think but I understand costs are high at times.

I’m pretty experienced with DIY of Cannabis medicines so if you need any help with recipes, ingredients, or processes to DIY, don’t hesitate to reach out.


I am a good bucket chemist. Read my bio.

I am going to go for concentrate and vape with something like a pax 3. After we leave this god forsaken tundra and retire to Bellingham, Washington. I will switch to a volcano.

I will buy the concentrate.

My ideal is a THC to CBD to turpentine of 2:1:0.5 gives me the best masking of symptoms. Decarbonated works way better.

I just got the ok from my primary to join the state program.

I have a metabolic storage problem. Looks a lot like a late onset Tay sacks. But it appears as an incomplete metabolism of Hexadaminace A into Hex B. So the extra Hex A is toxic as hell. It shows up as all sorts of secondary problems. Muscle spasms in ever muscle group. Looks like Benign fasciculation syndrome, but it is not benign. When I have higher Hex A levels I have more pain.

Quinine is the best help but it is so toxic. But it is an old remedy. They give me iv quinine when things are bad.

They want me to try Tizanidine as a muscle control agent. Some people have had good luck and it will not interfer with my kidney meds. But, is pulling out the big guns. But, I think this will happen.

I just panic when the symptoms are bad. I can’t do the work I use to do so I give my 2 cents here. We know we have to control the symptoms this is incurable and a slow killer. I am just trying to persurve funcality as long as I can.

Now I will have to budget money for cannabis.


You can also consume that concentrate so maybe experiment with both? Ingestion method does matter and each has certain benefits. I also believe that when the compounds can piggy back on the food particles they have a better chance of getting to the liver which is where the thc is turned to 11-hydroxy or whatever that is.

Happy to hear you’re to join the program. Now for the prices to come down.


From your mouth to our legislators ears.