Medical Grower Subsection?

Caveat: new dude, sorry if this should be obvious or I am in the wrong section or something.

It concerns MMJ or Medical Marijuana and this forum. I think having a home grower forum is way past due and not just an obvious idea or a correct one but an obviously correct one for our times. I think a section, category, not sure of word but one that could cover topics important to the home medical cannabis grower, things that either don’t occur to recreational growers or it does and they just don’t care (because they don’t have to).

The are so many subsections that would be great for someone focused on making their own meds, from grow methods optimized with their disability in mind (getting them more and better meds for same amt of labor) to picking strains that are more medicinal that party favors, how to (safely) concentrate their harvested flower into meds that are actually useful to them, what products are most useful for the disabled grower to consume their meds (some are hostile if you have tremors or crappy eye sight or…pick yer poison. Others seem to have the clumsy and frankly disabled person in mind), stuff like that…alot could easily be here…so is there anything here specifically for the M in MMJ?


I started a thread with some medical info if you’re interested… :nerd_face:

I hope this helps ! :v:


It does but only part-way. I was looking for something at a conceptually higher level than a thread, something more along the lines of Grow Journals only just a place to post everything we have figured out about using MMJ as a medicine, what works, what doesn’t, etc. And the CBD part can have a whole section unto itself because there are a myriad of ways CBD can be used (and not all CBD is the same, not in my experience), the pros and cons of the “entourage effect”, which is very real to me in one use-case, cannabis-derived CBD vs hemp-based (which to me is worthless), what strains are best for CBD, how to concentrate your CBD harvest to get the highest CBD payload possible, etc.

Also I would love to see discussion on cannabis and pain, again what works and what does not…I did some essay like things on it when I kept getting asked the same questions in another forum…

Cannabis and Dementia

Cannabis and Pain

Cannabis and Dementia Redux

These are to get started, also have cross-over stuff on converting my CB DIesel flower to 18:1 CBD:THC RSO and into pill form for regulated, daily use, stuff like that…


This is what I have to live with

Morphine is the only thing that takes the pain away, cannabis makes it tolerable, which is much better than morphine


Woof. I have always considered myself lucky; people say why? You are going to go crazy and then die. Whats lucky about that? Well…statistically I know that I will probably die in my sleep, without pain, I will not really be aware of the end as it approaches, I know roughly when it will happen so I can plan. On top of that, cannabis helps my condition in a variety of ways or more to the point, a variety of cannabis preparations help my condition far better than pharmaceuticals so I have had the blessing of the medical establishment from the get-go, my wife/caregiver is learning the grow trade so she can take over and as it is now, I am able to create and produce enough meds to keep me medicated forever (as long as the grow keeps on). Finally, I have a brain disease which makes watching and absorbing new entertainment hard if not painful…and as luck would have it, being a nerd in life I have 12 terabyte server in my house with every episode of every show I have seen in the past three decades, along with some 6000 feature films and animation (big time anime). Ever wonder why grandma likes reruns so much? Well I get all the meds, video games, reruns I want, every day and with the blessing of all those concerned. All I have to do is get up every day, tend the flowers and play.

So yeah, I feel lucky. I even have one of those Lucky Cats from San Francisco…



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