Meetings in Denver looking for room for rent 12/ 12- 12/ 16

I am traveling to Denver for business. I have never been to Denver.
I have a packed work schedule but I will definitely be making time to explore.
Anyone that grows have any rooms for rent? Or any suggestions t where to hang? INDUSTRY PEPS??
I am rolling solo . I do not judge and I m open minded lol

Thank you

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I’m in Denver! I don’t know any growers that have rooms, but know of a few consumption friendly AirBNBs.

Also check out @cultivatedsynergy , there’s a pitch event there tonight, also it’s just a good place to meet/network with other industry people. RiNo (River North) is the area around there, which is a good place to walk around and explore. Tons of breweries, restaurants, galleries, street murals, etc. Have fun!


Can always pop into Stranahans too, if you’re a whiskey guy.


I am down to check it out. Thank you

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You in denver

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That’s awesome. Let me know if we can meet? I fly in at 930 tonigh

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Yup. I/We’re in Denver.