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Member Recognition: @Farmer_Dan

Growers Network wants to take a moment to recognize the accomplishments of one of our outstanding forum members: @Farmer_Dan.

@Farmer_Dan has been a regular contributor to our community and even created one of the most popular threads in our forum history: Conventional Field Production

Aside from his forum accomplishments, @Farmer_Dan is an incredible teacher and academic. This year alone, his harvest came in at a whopping 45,000 pounds of flower! We aren’t the only ones to recognize @Farmer_Dan, in July, his smiling, bearded face graced the cover of Cannabis Business Times. He has really proven himself to be a leader!

Here’s his field at the beginning of his thread: image





His thread incorporates everything from soil tests to surveillance footage, as well as a lot of beautiful plants to ogle!

We tip our hats to @Farmer_Dan and his incredible work for the cannabis industry and for his contributions to the Growers Network community. We are only as strong as the contributions of our community. Thanks @Farmer_Dan! Cheers!

Growers Network loves recognizing the acts of our amazing community @memberdirectory. Do you have someone on the forum you would like to recognize for his or her accomplishments? Did something great happen in your life that you want to share? Send me a message explaining why you think any person should be nominated and we can make that happen!


I’m a fan
of @Farmer_Dan


Thanks @Farmer_Dan for being one of our valued power users! We are very happy and proud to have you as one of our actively engaged members in our community.

You provide great expertise and great visual content. We love that you are not afraid to get the conversation started or keep a conversation going.

Your farm looks dope, btw! :bluntparrot:

~ :green_heart:Kareenabis~


Thanks for the summary and kind word! I’ve been behind in contributions due to an excessive work load this harvest season. Things are starting to settle down. First trial batches go out tomorrow, finally getting paid by merit over weight, it is about damn time. Average price is currently $90-95 for about 10-12% crude yield. Higher prices for over and lower for under. :crossed_fingers:

We have some exciting things happening next year. I have some breeding projects planned for rec and high CBD hemp, and it is looking like I’ll be getting a 10-20 acre CBD hemp contract. Nothing set in stone yet, but discussions are moving forward.

I’ll get back to contributing soon, y’all will be sick of me come Spring, right about when I disappear again. :rofl:


Keep it up and keep expanding!:cowboy_hat_face: