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Michigan outdoor 2021

Well I figured I would give this whole forum thing a shot. I don’t usually “show off” my plants but I’m pretty proud this year :grin:. Here is a little background. I’m growing 3 different strains one started from bagseed the strain being blue dream x blueberry muffins aka dreamy blueberry muffins. Not sure if it was self pollinated or cross pollinated on accident but that’s neither here nor there. The other strain that is known is gg#4 I got two cuttings both a different pheno. The last one that I got I’m not exactly sure what it’s called. I started my seed in early February in a grow tent in the house. I received the clones about 4 weeks after my seed was planted. I have taken several clones of each plant and now have 12 beautiful outdoor plants. In hindsight I wish I would have planted them farther apart. I wasn’t expecting them to get this big :joy::joy::joy::joy:! I used fox farm grow big and big bloom along with pro mix medium for indoor veg. Moved outside approximately June 4 in pots. After a week I had the garden tilled and holes dug. I filled holes with amended pro mix using a modified version of subcools supersoil. I’ve since supplemented a little nitrogen by top dressing blood meal and using some Alaska fish fertilizer (the plants grew so fast they depleted the soil of nitrogen FAST!)here are some pics of my girls these were taken on July 20th I’ll get new ones today when it gets light out. They have grown a lot since these pics!!! Hope everyone enjoys and feedback is welcome :grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



what’s the weather like in Michigan can you grow outdoors in winter with a greenhouse


No sir gets way too cold in the winter here. We have a pretty short growing season here in Michigan from early June till about mid to late October depending on the year maybe even a little into November if you have a greenhouse. That’s why I get started early indoors and try to maximize my yield as much as possible


Welcome to Gn Michigan man… go blue :facepunch:t2:
Gg has many Phenos kept 1,4,7 lots of Phenos my brother. Takes awhile to figure out what u like the best. F1’s many grows

Thanks Mr Blue!

Yes it does for sure! I think that I found one that I like, flowers a little earlier than the rest and it takes to topping better than the other pheno that I have. Here are some updated pictures of my girls. Taken this morning. I put the wheelbarrow there for size reference. Also the walls are 12 ft tall so it gives a little perspective too


Sorry it’s been a while with no updates, life has been hectic. A few issues arose over the last few weeks all turning out to be related to a phosphorus deficiency. After racking my brain for two weeks, going over plants day after day looking for bugs or whatever could be messing up my leafs so bad, I finally decided to take a soil sample and test it. Turns out my girls have been burning through the phosphorus. Gave them some Mother Earth power flower, now they look great! I tried to post pics but the site won’t let me idk why :man_shrugging:t4:


Latest update, plants are looking great! One plant is getting really close to harvest time. Maybe two weeks left! Probably 4-5 for the rest. Hopefully the temps hold long enough! At this point I’ve cut off any nutrients being given to the one closest to harvest. I’ll probably top dress the rest of the girls one more time then they will be given only ph’d water till harvest.


More pics


Little update. The early pheno of the gg #4 probably has another week longer than I thought so probably 2 more weeks total. The buds are swelling out pretty good. The hairs are still 80% white and trichromes are looking mostly milky with a few clear yet and just a few turning amber here and there. The rest are looking really good!

here’s a little bud porn :crazy_face:

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Oh yeah also I forgot to mention for reference the plants are all between 9 and 11 foot tall the biggest one being 11 foot tall and 9 foot by 9 foot wide. It’s hard to show individual plants because they are all growing into each other

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