what kind of microscope do y’all recommend?

I have this one cheap and works…

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I use this one, even cheaper :wink: works good Price: $13.99

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Have that one also… but the stand one is better…lol…

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The most used one , please not that one . I was always wondering do you guys really can see something on that or you acting like you see :smiley:

OK, first, a lot of people don’t have the money, I am retired and live off of SSDI.

I would go wireless, but, where I am it’s not legal, so, therefor if I can hack it under 5 minutes, so can the police/government.

Sometimes, it’s not always about whats best, but, whats best for you and your budget. These work for what you need to see.

I am proud to say I use one and will again. :slight_smile:

@puamana09 High and Welcome to the network


Well said @piper
@eldindupljak is always shitting on people it they aren’t using some commercial equipment.
And i follow this … get the best one you like and can afford. At the end of the day it what fits in your budget.
Welcome @puamana09


You are right it is hard to see stuff on it… but a little improvisation and it works better than the one I have a stand for…lol… and @piper and @docee@eldindupljak pisses me off too at times… and @puamana09 welcome to the forum…

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Hell, I piss myself off at times, or was that piss on, hmm, either or time for a diaper change


…lol… same here…lol…


Lol piper a funny guy as usual! Hows things anyways?

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Just fuckn’ ducky, sitting here drinking IPA’s, smok’n hash and doing bonghits, my kids/grandkids just left to go to another relatives party, just enjoying the hot weather, gonna barbecue in a few hours


IPA’s and hash… like salt and vinegar…lol…


Cheap and good one ! No need of expensive ones …

but mine on a stand is 1000x and less than $50 so meh…and does the same with my phone too…

I think I am going to switch to a crayon and paper … vivid colors man

Crayons are cheap if you don’t eat em.

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Hell yeah :wink:

Fuck…that’s the problem… they taste so good… done it for 50 years now…lol…but I prefer finger paints not crayons…lol…


I had a usb cam, a wireless cam, a college style microscope, and a hand held microscope. I kept the hand held and college scope. The college one is because I do a lot of experiments. To be honest, That single little black hand held is used more than anything Ive had. Its small, convenient, easy to use and maintain, and didn’t kill the bank. I believe in the kiss method and that thing is simply perfect for this stuff. I also travel to a lot of farms and gardens to trouble shoot and fix things so its Perfect. Lol

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These work great. I got one just like it. Takes great pics.
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Nice and portable.