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Hey Growers Network I have been lurking for awhile and thought I’d say Hi! Just wondered if anybody from Missouri was on this site. Growing has been a passion of mine since I was little. Always loved helping grandma around the farm with her vegetables garden and when I once I got older it passion turned to growing cannabis.
Missouri is awarding cultivation liscenses on December 26. Have networked with a few people who have applied for cultivation,dispensary and infused products. Those who have applied have a very small chance to be awarded a liscense with the high number of applicants and small liscense to be granted. Have family in 3 states that are cultivating on large scale and would love to be the 4th family member who cultivates. So nice to meet y’all anybody from Missouri or has applied for Missouri liscense hit me up and let’s talk. I’m in northeast Missouri 20 miles from Illinois line.


Looks like there are 65 members from Missouri. :sunglasses:

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Hello, I am in Missouri, Just southwest of St. Louis, and I have a cultivation certificate for personal use, and i am looking for help in getting started. I have been reading a lot and watching videos, but I haven’t found anyone to talk to in person to answer my questions. Thanks to starting this thread. Mike

Hey Mike I’m 2 hours north of St Louis. I have have cultivation for personal use as well and plan on being my mom’s caregiver this spring when outdoor seasons start so that will be another 12 plants that I will legally be able to grow. Good to have some Missouri folk on jere

If you’re considering greenhouses then you need to but my plastic which, passes the suns complete light spectrum. You won’t need artificial lighting! visit uvedge.com for more info.

Brand new here. I’m Northwest of STL, out between Troy, and Winfield. Have only done a couple of grows, so very much a newbie.

Hey Dunbar I’m north of you near Hannibal Mo. I’m currently working with Agri-Genesis in Macon. We are a vertically integrated company’s that was awarded 3 Cultivation, 5 dispensary, infused and transportation. Let me know if I can u help u along the way.

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Thank you!