Mixing LED and HID lights?

Hi Guys,

I’m new around here. About to get back to growing after a 7-8 year layoff. I bought a 9x9 Gorilla tent 2 weeks ago and planned on using my 2 old 600 watt HID air cooled hoods-electronic ballasts again, since I already have them. From what I have been reading that really isn’t enough light for a 9x9. I’m going to pick up 2 400 watt LED’s to help out tomorrow. Just hoping I don’t trip a circuit (15 amp) after plugging them in.

Bought a new blue Hortilux bulb. They have gone up quite a bit, and are hard to find as well. None of my local stores carry bulbs anymore. :frowning: Have they really become dinosaurs that quickly?

Should the plants be moved frequently so that they receive light from both sources? (HID-LED)

thanks for any and all help!!!



Alot of LEDs will pay for themselves in savings over hid lights in the course of the fixtures life, are you planning on running all the lights on the same circuit?

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That’s the plan, I hope I can get away with it. Electric panel is close by if I have to make any changes.


I think you’ll need an extra 15 amp, I usually aim for 1440-1500 watt max per breaker


amps x volts = watts.
so 15A x 120v = 1880W.
but there is surge voltage draw until the metallic Ions vaporize, stagger fixture fire up by 10-20 seconds and the “spike” load can balance out.

They all carry the BMH and HPS, now they are cheap ( at least here)


I thought you were supposed to aim for 80% for continuos loads


Dont think…thats the safety factor so you don’t burn your house down, so Yes I’d put this on a 20A circuit…


I put the LED’s up this AM, plugged them in and everything seems to be fine. Maybe it’s not a 15 amp breaker. The panel is behind my 9x9 grow tent, so I can’t chk it w/o a lot of trouble. Hopefully it’s a 20 amp breaker.